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Upcoming Events

 IAFSS Symposium

  • June 7, 20172nd International Fire Safety Symposium
  • June 12, 201712th IAFSS Symposium
  • November 12, 20178th international symposium on scale modeling (ISSM-8)
AEC v1.0.4   Conferences
  • April 9, 2017Thermosense: Thermal Infrared Applications XXXIX: Fire Analysis and Detection session
  • April 23, 201710th US National Combustion Meeting
  • July 3, 201716th European Meeting on Fire Retardant Polymeric Materials (FRPM 17)
  • September 10, 20172nd International conference on Structural Safety under Fire & Blast
  • September 12, 20178th International Symposium on Scale Modeling
  • September 20, 201717th International Water Mist Conference (IWMC)
AEC v1.0.4   Workshops and Schools
  • No upcoming events
AEC v1.0.4   Deadlines
  • No upcoming events
AEC v1.0.4   Other
  • No upcoming events
AEC v1.0.4