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Topics and Papers to be Presented at the 9th International IAFSS Symposium

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Compartment Fires
Author(s) Title
Tensei Mizukami, Yungyong Utiskul And James Quintiere A Compartment burning rate model for various fuel types and scales
Yunyong Utiskul An Application of Mass Loss Rate Model with Fuel Response Effects in Fully-Developed Compartment Fires
Sebastian Ukleja, Michael A. Delichatsios, Mary M. Delichatsios And Yee-Ping Lee Carbon monoxide and smoke production downstream of a compartment for underventilated fires
Yaping He, Chris Jamieson, Alan Jeary And Jian Wang Effect of Computation Domain on Simulation of Small Compartment Fires
Stephane Melis And Laurent Audouin Effects of vitiation on the heat release rate in mechanically-ventilated compartment fires
William Le Saux, Hugues Pretrel, Caroline Lucchesi And Pascal Guillou Experimental study of the fire mass loss rate in confined and mechanically ventilated multi-room scenarios
Haixiang Chen And Naian Liu Experimental study on cross-ventilation compartment fire in the wind environment
Brian Lattimer Flame Entrainment and Its Application to Compartment Fires
Andrew Lock, Gwon Hyun Ko, Matthew Bundy, Erik Johnsson And Anthony Hamins Measurements in Standard Room Scale Fires
Mariano Lazaro, Havard Bohmer, Daniel Alvear, Jorge Capote And Arnaud Trouve Numerical Simulation of Fire Growth, Transition to Flashover, and Post-Flashover Dynamics in the Dalmarnock Fire Test
Sung-Han Koo, Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell, Rochan Upadhyay And Stephen Welch Sensor-linked fire simulation using a Monte-Carlo approach
Jian Gong And Yuguo Li Solution Multiplicity of Smoke Flows in a Simple Building
Wolfram Jahn, Guillermo Rein And Jose L. Torero The Effect of Model Parameters on the Simulation of Fire Dynamics
Jason Floyd And Kevin Mcgrattan Validation of A CFD Fire Model Using Two Step Combustion Chemistry Using the NIST Reduced-Scale Ventilation-Limited Compartment Data
Author(s) Title
Judith Schulz, Martin Feeney And Jim Clarke Case Study - Special Design of Smoke Detection System in a Mental Health Facility in New Zealand
Qiyuan Xie And Heping Zhang Experimental Studies on Stokes Scattering Matrix by Smoke Particles
Evacuation and Human Behavior
Author(s) Title
Tomoaki Nishino, Shinichi Tsuburaya, Keisuke Himoto And Takeyoshi Tanaka A Study on the Estimation of the Evacuation Behaviors of Tokyo City Residents in the Kanto Earthquake Fire
Tuomo Rinne, Simo Hostikka, Tuomas Paloposki, Timo Korhonen, Juha-Matti Saari And Simo Heliövaara Application of RFID and Video Imaging on Evacuation Observations in Offices and Public Buildings
Yuki Akizuki, Takeyoshi Tanaka And Kohei Yamao Calculation Model for Travel Speed and Psychological State in Escape Route considering Luminous Condition, Smoke Density and Evacuee?s Visual Acuity
David Purser Dependence of modelled evacuation times on key parameters and interactions
Steven Gwynne Developing Inclusive Emergency Procedures
Daniel Nilsson, Håkan Frantzich And Wendy Saunders Influencing Exit Choice in the Event of a Fire Evacuation
Than Singh Sharma, Yaping He And Mahen Mahendran Lifts for Emergency Evacuation in Apartment Buildings
Ai Sekizawa, Shuji Kakegawa. And Manabu Ebihara Review of A Real Multi-story Store Fire by Applying Evacuation and Smoke Movement Interactive Simulation Model
Lazaros Filippidis, Peter Lawrence, Edwin Galea And Darren Blackshields Simulating the Interaction of Occupants with Signage Systems
Ian Thomas And Dorothy Bruck Strobe Lights, Pillow Shakers and Bed Shakers as Smoke Alarm Signals
Fire Chemistry
Author(s) Title
Hubert Biteau, Thomas Steinhaus, Albert Simeoni, Jose L. Torero, Christopher Schemel And Nicolas Bal Calculation Methods for the Heat Release Rate of Materials of Unknown Composition
David Purser And Jenny Purser HCN yields and fate of fuel nitrogen for materials under different combustion conditions in the ISO 19700 tube furnace and large -scale fires
Nigel Tame, Bogdan Dlugogorski And Eric Kennedy PCDD/F Formation from Heterogeneous Oxidation of Wood Pyrolysates
Archibald Tewarson Smoke Emissions in Fires
Virginie Tihay, Albert Simeoni And Paul Antoine Santoni Testing of different skeletal and global mechanisms for modeling combustion of degradation gases involved in wildland fire
Flame Spread
Author(s) Title
Eugenio Oñate, Riccardo Rossi And Sergio R. Idelsohn Prediction of Melt Flow and Flame Spread of Thermoplastic Objects with the Particle Finite Element Method
Flames and Fire Dynamics
Author(s) Title
Roger Harrison And Michael Spearpoint Characterisation of Balcony Spill Plume Entrainment using Physical Scale Modelling
Paul Richards, Charles Fleischmann And Michael Spearpoint Design Fires for Deliberately Lit Fire Scenarios in which Petrol is used as the Accelerant
Akito Yanagisawa, Goto Daisuke, Yoshifumi Ohmiya, Michael Delichatsios, Yee-Ping Lee And Kaoru Wakatsuki Effect of an Opposite Wall on Façade Flames
Jesse Lozano, Watcharapong Tachajapong, Hansheng Pan, Aaron Swanson, Christopher Kelley, Marko Princevac And Shankar Mahalingam Experimental Investigation of the Velocity Field in a Controlled Wind-aided Propagating Fire Using Particle Image Velocimetry
Alexander L. Brown, Kevin J. Dowding, Vernon F. Nicolette And Thomas K. Blanchat Fire Model Validation for Gas Temperatures and Radiative/Convective Partitioned Heat Flux
Yee-Ping Lee, Michael Delichatsios And G.W.H. Silcock Heat Flux Distribution And Flame Shapes On The Inert Facade
Thomas Blanchat And Victor Figueroa Large-Scale Open Pool Experimental Data and Analysis for Fire Model Validation and Development
Hu Zhixin And Arnaud Trouve Numerical Simulation of Explosive Combustion Following Ignition of a Fuel Vapor Cloud
Daniel Gottuk, Christopher Mealy And Jason Floyd Smoke Transport and FDS Validation
Tarek Beji, Jianping Zhang And Michael Delichatsios Soot Formation and Oxidation in Fires from Laminar Smoke Point Measurements
Author(s) Title
Murray Height, Bogdan Dlugogorski And Eric Kennedy An experimental study of the lower flammability limit of LPG/halocarbon mixtures using the tubular burner apparatus
Yulianto Sulistyo Nugroho, Rudy Rustyady Rustam, Iman And Muksin Saleh Effect of Humidity on Self-heating of a Sub-bituminous Coal under Adiabatic Conditions
Mohammed M. Khan, John L. De Ris And Steve D. Ogden Effect of Moisture on Ignition Time of Cellulosic Materials
Hong-Zeng Yu, Xiangyang Zhou And Benjamin Ditch Experimental Validation of Froude-Modeling-Based Physical Scaling of Water Mist Cooling of Enclosure Fires
Samuel Manzello, John Shields, Yoshihiko Hayashi And Daisaku Nii Investigating the Vulnerabilities of Structures to Ignition From a Firebrand Attack
J.H. Swann, J.R. Hartman And C.L. Beyler Study of Radiant Smoldering Ignition of Plywood Subjected to Prolonged Heating Using the Cone Calorimeter, TGA, and DSC
Material Burning
Author(s) Title
Anna Matala, Simo Hostikka And Johan Mangs Estimation of pyrolysis model parameters for solid materials using thermogravimetric data
Marcus Malow And Ulrich Krause Smouldering combustion of solid bulk materials at different volume fractions of oxygen in the surrounding gas
Chris Lautenberger, Esther Kim, Nicholas Dembsey And Carlos Fernandez-Pello The Role of Decomposition Kinetics in Pyrolysis Modeling ? Application to a Fire Retardant Polyester Composite
Stanislav Stoliarov And Richard Lyon Thermo-Kinetic Model of Burning
Measurement and Test Methods
Author(s) Title
Ulf Wickström Adiabatic Surface Temperature and the Plate Thermometer for Calculating Heat Transfer and Controlling Fire Resistance Furnaces
Marc Janssens, Jason Huczek And Anthony Sauceda Development of a Model of the ASTM E 84 Steiner Tunnel Test
Jianping Zhang, Michael Delichatsios, Mitthieu Colobert, Johan Hereid, Martin Hagen And Dimitrios Bakirtzis Experimental And Numerical Investigations Of Heat Impact And Flame Heights From Fires In SBI Tests
Samorn Hirunpraditkoon, Bogdan Dlugogorski And Eric Kennedy Fire Properties of Refuse Derived Fuels: Measurements of Temperature Profiles and Mass Loss
Francois-Xavier Ouf, Alexis Coppalle, Jérome Yon And Jacques Vendel Measurement Of The Mass Specific Extinction Coefficient Of Acetylene, Toluene And Polymethyl Methacrylate Soot Particles In Visible And Near-Infrared Wavelengths
Nathan Marsh, Richard Gann, Jason Averill And Marc Nyden Sensitivity of a Smoke Toxicity Test Method to Test Conditions
Prateep Chatterjee, John L. De Ris, Mohammed M. Khan And Stephen P. D'Aniello Sustained Burning of Water-based Paint Sprays
Benjamin Ditch And Hong-Zeng Yu Water Mist Spray Characterization and Its Proper Application for Numerical Simulations
Other Topics and Special Applications
Author(s) Title
Iain Sanderson, Tony Kilpatrick And Jose Torrero A Comparative Analysis of the Use of Different Zone Models to Predict the Mass Smoke Flow for Axisymetric and Spill Plumes
Yang Dong, Huo Ran, Li Sicheng And Hu Longhua A Fire Zone Model Concerning Cooling effects on smoke layer with sprinkler spray
Suresh Kumar, Philip Thomas And Geoff Cox A Novel Analytical Approach for Characterising Air Entrainment into a Balcony Spill Plume
Brian Meacham And Joseph Sarkis Adaptive Management in Fire Regulation and Emergency Response
Rochan Upadhyay, Gavin Pringle, George Beckett, Stephen Potter, Liangxiu Han, Stephen Welch, Asif Usmani And Jose Torero An Architecture for an Integrated Fire Emergency Response System for the Built Environment
Simo Hostikka, Johan Mangs And Esko Mikkola Comparison of two and three dimensional simulations of fires at wildland urban interface
Edwin Galea, Zhaozhi Wang, Anand Veeraswamy, Fuchen Jia, Peter Lawrence And John Ewer Coupled Fire/Evacuation Analysis of the Station Nightclub Fire
George Hadjisophocleous Development of Design Fires for Performance-Based Fire Safety Designs
Siew Mei Lim And Michael Yit Lin Chew Evaporation modelling for low-temperature, long-term exposure of wood under isothermal heating
C. Regis Bauwens, Jeff Chaffee And Sergey Dorofeev Experimental and Numerical Study of Methane-air Deflagrations in a Vented Enclosure
Reinhard Grabski Fire Safety Science in Germany: A status report about research activities and requirements
Ali Rangwala Flame Spread Analysis Using a Variable B-Number
Rory Hadden, Fredddy Jervis And Guillermo Rein Investigation of the Fertilizer Fire aboard the Ostedijk
Markus Knobloch Local buckling behavior of steel sections subjected to fire
Andrew Lock And Francine Amon Measurement of the Nonuniformity of First Responder Thermal Imaging Cameras
Kotaro Nitta, Yasushi Oka, Jun'Ichi Yamaguchi, Ko Muraoka And Ryohei Mase Prediction for heat release rate based on ceiling jet temperature in case of time-dependent fire
Nele Tilley And Bart Merci Relation between horizontal ventilation velocity and backlayering distance in large closed car parks
Vytenis Babrauskas Research on Electrical Fires: The State of the Art
Keisuke Himoto, Yasuo Akimoto, Akihiko Hokugo And Takeyoshi Tanaka Risk and Behavior of Fire Spread in A Densely-built Urban Area
Takeyoshi Tanaka Risk-Based Selection of Design Fires to ensure an Acceptable Level of Evacuation Safety
Johannes Dimyadi, Michael Spearpoint And Robert Amor Sharing Building Information using the IFC Data Model for FDS Fire Simulation
Junqi Ye And Lizhong Yang Simulating Gravity Current Based on the Application of the Thermal Lattice Boltzmann Method
Siaka Dembele, Ricardo Rosario, Jennifer Wen, Paul Warren And Stuart Dale Simulation of Glazing Behavior in Fires using Computational Fluids Dynamics and Spectral Radiation Modeling
Haukur Ingason State of the Art of Tunnel Fire Research
S.C. Li, D. Yang And R. Huo Studies of Cooling Effects of Sprinkler Spray on Smoke Layer
Andy Buchanan The Challenges Of Predicting Structural Performance In Fires
Anders Lönnermarkd And Haukur Ingason The Effect of Air Velocity on Heat Release Rate and Fire Development during Fires in Tunnels
Keichi Suzuki Tunnel Fire Simulation Model With Multi-Layer Zone Concept
Statistics, Probability, and Risk Analysis
Author(s) Title
Bödvar Tomasson, Jens Bengtsson, Dadi Thorsteinsson And Björn Karlsson A probabilistic risk analysis methodology for high-rise buildings taking into account fire department intervention time
Wei-Wen Tseng, Shen-Wen Chien And Tzu-Sheng Shen Comparative Analysis of Fire Risk in Asia/Oceania Countries and Other Countries around the World
Gang Li, Chunmiao Yuan, Peihong Zhang And Baozhi Chen Experiment-based fire risk analysis and prevention for magnesium powder producing crafts
Yutaka Kobayashi Factors Determining Probability of Exceedance of Area Damaged by Flame
Christophe Thauvoye, Bin Zhao, Jochen Klein And Mario Fontana Fire Load Survey and Statistical Analysis
Dorothy Bruck And Ian Thomas Towards a better smoke alarm signal - an evidence based approach
Structural Fire Performance
Author(s) Title
David Lange And Asif Usmani Collapse of tall buildings in multi-storey fires
Faris Ali, Ali Nadjai And Abid Abu-Tair Experimental and Numerical Study on Performance of Concrete Slabs Subjected to Severe Fire
Andrea Frangi, Mario Fontana, Markus Knobloch And Giovanna Bochicchio Fire behaviour of cross-laminated solid timber panels
Kuldeep Prasad, Anthony Hamins, Therese Mcallister And John Gross Fire Induced Thermal and Structural Response of the World Trade Center Towers.
Stephen Welch, Stewart Miles, Suresh Kumar, Tony Lemaire And Alan Chan FIRESTRUC - Integrating advanced three-dimensional modelling methodologies for predicting thermo-mechanical behaviour of steel and composite structures subjected to natural fires
Yuli Dong And Kuldeep Prasad Large Scale Experiments on the Response of a Two-story Composite Steel Frame under Fire Loading
Steven T. Craft, Burkan Isgor, James R. Mehaffey And George Hadjisophocleous Modelling Heat And Mass Transfer In Wood-Frame Floor Assemblies Exposed To Fire
Quan Shao, Wenguo Weng, Xueming Shu And Hongyong Yuan Study on Heat Resistance and Water Protection Effectiveness for Large Single-pane Fireproof Glass
Author(s) Title
Xiaomin Ni, Kaiqian Kuang And Guangxuan Liao A New Type of BTP/Zeolites Nanocomposites as Mixed-Phase Fire Suppressant: Preparation,Characterization and Extinguishing Mechanism Discussion
William M. Pitts, Jiann C. Yang, Rodney A. Bryant And Linda G. Blevins An Investigation of Extinguishment by Thermal Agents Using Detailed Chemical Modeling of Opposed Jet Diffusion Flames
Yibing Xin And Francesco Tamanini Assessment of Commodity Classification for Sprinkler Protection Using Representative Fuels
Soonil Nam Design of Dry Pipe Sprinkler Systems to Meet the Water Delivery Time Restriction in Industrial Freezers
Jun Xia, Kai Luo And Suresh Kumar Dynamic Interactions between a Buoyant Reacting Plume and Evaporating Droplets
Jiann C. Yang, William M. Pitts And Marcia L. Huber Enhanced Effectiveness of Liquid Thermal Fire Extinguishing Agents
Khalid Moinuddin, Ian Thomas And Samina Chea Estimating the Reliability of Sprinkler Systems in Australian High-rise Office Buildings
Jennifer Wen, Manjiang Yang, Vincent Tam And Siaka Dembele Numerical Investigation on the Effectiveness of Water Curtains in Providing Cooling and Smoke Dilution and the Effect of Water Deluge on Radiation Attenuation
L. W. Pan, Q. W. Li, S. M. Lo, J. Qin And G. X. Liao Preliminary Experimental Study and CFD Simulation of Suppressing Spray Asphalt Fire with Water Mist in a Confined Space
Ning Ren, Andrew Blum, Ying-Hui Zheng, Chi Do And Andre Marshall Quantifying the Initial Spray from Fire Sprinklers
Toxic Hazard
Author(s) Title
Anna A Stec, T Richard Hull, Jenny A Purser, Per Blomqvist And Krzysztof Lebek A Comparison of Toxic Product Yields Obtained From Five Laboratories Using the Steady State Tube Furnace (ISO TS 19700)
T Richard Hull, Anna A Stec And Keith T Paul Hydrogen Chloride in Fires
Richard Gann On the Inclusion of Toxic Potency in Product Flammability


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